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Resource for 26 years improving Health, Clarity & Wellbeing

 Balance Acupuncture Clinics are your resource to restore personal Energy, Clarity and a sense of Well being with classical and integrative Eastern Medicine for 26 years. 

  • Today, the need to become familiar  with the concept of “ Qi ” and Bio-Energetic System of  Human Body and Eastern Medicine approach in treating different illness'; which causes by Stagnation of Qi in different Meridians and eventually the stagnation of Blood flow; as well as Prevention of disease by bringing back the free flow of  Qi & Blood, is very tangible. 

    *  In the world we live with all new diseases; from Addiction to Technology to different types of Cancer, Environmental Toxicity, and epidemic Depression in different degree itself, we can definitely feel the necessities of both Western and Eastern Medical Practitioners to connect with each other in treating a mutual patient. This helps for better understanding the disease, its signs and symptoms, to reach a greater result and care for patients in general.

Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage, Herbal Medicine, Eastern Nutrition, Pregnancy & Labor Support.

An  Energetic intervention, which seek to bring back Balance and Equilibrium to each individual within his or her unique Eco-System of Body, Mind, and Soul.  

 The concept of “ Qi ” and Bio-Energetic System of  Human Body and Eastern Medicine approach in treating different illness'; which causes by Stagnation of Qi in different Meridians; as well as Prevention of disease by bringing back the free flow of  Qi, is very tangible. 

In addition to balancing the flow of Yin Qi and Yang Qi in our body, also it is very important to understand we exist as an integral part of an Energetic Field as whole, called Universe. Within Universe our Mind, Body and Soul are merely different manifestations of the same vital force and consequently cannot be consider separately.

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* Kirsten F.: I've seen Dr. Sonbol two times with recurring acute back pain never understanding what was the cause. This would prevent my work as a dancer and actor. After seeing doctors, getting Blood work, x rays & an MRI - no one could figure out the cause. I came to Balance with an open mind & heart & I truly feel this was what I needed all along. She is kind, very knowledgeable & professional with giving you exactly what you need. Even after my first appointment she followed up the next day checking in. I am so glad i found her.  I have just left my second appointment feeling such a relief of anxiety and stress. My back feels amazing. I will definitely continue seeing Dr. Sonbol. She is also helping bring back my menstrual cycle after being absent the past 14 months. You won't regret coming here. 

**Courtney L.:In only three visits, the sciatic back pain I've been suffering from for years has dissipated almost completely. Feeling so much relief, I recently thought, "I used to be a person with back pain." Dr. Sonbol is an amazing healer. Her treatments helped my energy flow and combined with medical massage, Balance Acupuncture had everything I needed under one roof. I cannot recommend visiting here enough. I am so grateful to Dr. Sonbol!   

***Steph M: Dr. Sonbol is an incredible doctor, counselor, and healer. She combines eastern practices like acupuncture with other healing techniques like cupping, healing massage, and  Ayurveda nutrition/supplements. Being under her care has been such a trans-formative experience.

I look forward to my appointment each week both for the physical relief of the acupuncture and massage as well as the gems of wisdom that she so easily and eloquently gives out. It's truly amazing. I trust her explicitly.

  • I found her on Yelp in a time when I was transitioning my care from Cedar Sinai and looking for a different more holistic approach to healing and I thank my lucky stars I did. I would recommend her to anyone I know and honestly wish everyone got a chance to experience her care. If you are ready to feel better and heal and love yourself more, then she can help you on that journey while feeling cared for, safe, and powerful. 

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